The Meadows Car Club – New Green Street Location

by | 21-Fri-2020

Working in partnership with Mozes, Enterprise Car Club will be launching a new location at Green Street Car Park in the Meadows. Residents will be able to access a Electric Nissan Leaf. If your business or organisation could benefit from using the car club please get in touch to discuss.


What is a Car Club and what are the benefits?

A car club is a way to pay for the use of the car per trip. It allows you to have access to a vehicle without the burden of ownership. Benefits of a Car Club include:

If you drive less that 7000 miles per year you could save around £3500?

No parking hassles and its Cleaner and greener.

To find our more about Car Clubs and their benefits visit here

How to join and book

It cost £10 for Nottingham Residents to sign up as a member of the car club and upon joining new members receive £10 driving credit (that is approximately 2 hours driving time in the Nissan Leaf).

Click here to go to the Enterprise Car Club website and join up


Making it easy

Access the video library

Enterprise’s video library takes you through the whole process of booking, unlocking, refuelling, driving and ending your session. If you are still unsure, please get in touch.

Click here for Enterprises Frequently Asked Questions videos

Nottingham ULEV experience have a ‘how to drive an electric car video to help you with any concerns


Below: Car Club rates for Nottingham (at the time of distribution please refer to Enterprise Car Club website for up to date information).

Community Champions

In order to help promote and increase usage we are looking for support from the community in a number of ways:

  1. Sharing information, verbally, email and on social media.
  2. Join Mozes as community caretakers for the vehicle, you can receive driving credits in return for help to keep the car fully charged when it is not in use.
  3. Join up and take the car for a spin! If you are little nervous about the process and want some assistance or guidance please feel free to contact me (email above) or Enterprise Car Club. We will also be having a few events where we can go through the process and show you the car, info to follow.
  4. If you or your organsiation would like to talk to us about using the vehicle for your operations/as a community champion please get in touch and I will come out to speak to you.
  5. If there are any community groups/organisations or businesses that could use the car club, please pass on the information and let me know if they would like to talk.
  6. Think and talk about where more car club vehicles could be located, how can we promote low carbon travel (walking, cycling, taking the bus/tram and electric cars) in the area and lets us know.

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