Anyone who lives or works in The Meadows is automatically has the ability to be a member of Mozes and is welcome to put themselves forward to serve on the Board or to take part in projects. Participation in projects is sometimes means tested where the aim is to help reduce fuel bills.

In the case of research projects, participation will depend on the requirements of study. All other projects are open to participation.

Once a year we hold an AGM so that people can see the projects that have been undertaken, hear talks on environmental issues, ask questions, scrutinise the accounts and put themselves forward for Board Membership.

In order to publicise projects and meetings it helps us to have an up to date list if who is interested and their contact details. If you would like to be included on that list can you email or phone Julian Marsh, the Project Coordinator and Secretary on or 07863908140.

We can be contacted by post at:

20 Felton Road
The Meadows

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