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MOZES is the Meadows’ own ‘Community Energy Group’ and covers The Meadows catchment area (yellow inner area in photo below) and Greater Meadows area (pink outer area in photo below) in Nottingham, United Kingdom.

How You Can Get Involved

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What we can do

Although Mozes is a community based group focused on the Meadows, we believe that we can make an important contribution both inside and outside of the Meadows. To this end our stated objectives are.

  • To reduce the carbon footprint of the Meadows
  • To enable the Meadows to become self sufficient in its energy related technologies.
  • To enable the residents of the Meadows and then other areas to access affordable energy and contribute to the community and economic development of the Meadows.

We also want to contribute in any way to initiatives that raise awareness of the Climate Emergency that we face more widely and support pressure groups like Extinction Rebellion who are working to persuade those in a position to urgently work towards a carbon neutral world to do so urgently.

How we were formed

MOZES was formed by a group of people who live in the Meadows to try to achieve some of these objectives.

What We Do

MOZES depends on the voluntary input of many people. It aims to help people to reduce their carbon footprint through advising on energy efficiency measures, carrying out low carbon programmes and engaging in research and education projects to support these initiatives.

MOZES needs

MOZES especially needs local Meadows residents with certain skills, knowledge or experience:

  • Business experience.
  • People who are prepared to organise or lead projects in the community such as education activities or research projects.
  • People who have a passionate interest in energy conservation and environmental issues, who might be able to play a creative role in developing new MOZES activities.
  • Someone who could work with local landlords.
  • Someone who can assist in writing funding bids and/or researching relevant funding organisations.
  • A volunteer photographer to record MOZES projects and activities.
  • Administration skills.
  • Legal knowledge.
  • Financial knowledge.

Current and Completed Projects

Our first few years have been dominated by MOZES working to get as many photovoltaic (PV) solar panels up onto Meadows roofs as possible; and dealing with subsequent difficulties over the government scheme for financing these.

Tackling climate change in Nottingham get £1.5 Million boost 

Today, Nottingham has received the good news that over £1.5 million in National Lottery funding is going to Nottingham Energy Partnership (NEP) alongside Meadows Ozone Energy Services (MOZES), to run the Green Meadows project, which will work with communities across the Meadows to take action and tackle climate change.

£1,500,000 Awarded

EU Sensible Battery Project

This project ran from 2014 to 2019 and explores the potential for using energy storage technologies such as batteries within communities to reduce their fuel costs and overall energy use. It is now continuing with UK funding until the middle of 2020.

Member Information

Anyone who lives and or works in The Meadows is automatically a member of MOZES. If you want to be involved in any of our projects please print and complete the registration form so we have your contact details.


More Information

We’ve Saved over £100,000

Using PV panels on over 65 homes in the Meadows alone, we have saved our community thousands in energy bills alone.

Helping Local People

There are few grants available and obtaining them is difficult. Through its work MOZES has aided 100’s of people save money and help the environment at the same time… Go MOZES!

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