Photo-Voltaic Solar Panels installed on 65 Houses, 3 Schools + 1 Community Building

by | 17-Sun-2019

MOZES PV panels on bungalows in the Meadows.

The electricity from the PV panels cannot be stored (with out batteries) and what is not used goes straight into the national grid.

PV solar panel systems were installed on 65 houses (mostly social housing or low-income owner occupied housing), 3 schools and 1 community building.

 The majority of these installations were made free of charge. The residents benefit from free electricity if they use it while it is being generated.

Without the use of batteries electricity generated from solar panels can not be stored.

This is not suitable for all roofs – they have to get enough sun e.g. Largely south facing.

The electricity that the occupants of the home don’t use goes into straight into the national grid.

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