Energy Advisor has helped or advised 308 Meadows households


An Energy Advisor has been employed by MOZES, Nottingham Energy Partnership (NEP) and the Meadows Partnership Trust (MPT), to give people in the Meadows advice on how to insulate and reduce the energy use in their homes.

He visited people’s homes to give them an assessment of what were the most important things that needed doing to reduce the ‘leakage’ of heat from their homes and reduce the amount of fuel used to heat water, cook etc.

People accessed this service by contacting the Meadows Partnership Trust.

The Energy Advisor helped or advised 308 households, and gave 95 people advice on energy bills and debt issues.

Funding: The Energy Advisor Service was initially funded by the ‘NESTA Big Green Challenge’ which MOZES was entered into by NEP. The project made it to the last 10 in the UK and received £20,000 funding, which NEP matched with another £20,000. The Energy Advisor worked part-time for MOZES and part-time for NEP. MPT then employed him for a further 18 months with money that they won from ‘Scottish Power Energy People’s Trust’.

We are currently looking for funds to continue a similar project in the future.

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